Yield Power Group, LLC is a structured finance firm focused on defined revenue opportunities in domestic and international energy, infrastructure, and impact sectors.

The Yield Power team has substantial VC, public and private institutional funding, human capital analysis, risk mitigation, and operational experience across numerous industries.  Our team analyzes and advises project management teams to design and implement capital solutions.

Yield Power Groups funding sources include pension funds, mutual insurance companies, family offices,  banking institutions’ investment arms, and consortiums of large and small banks.


Yield Power Group deploys capital with a long-term, risk-mitigated approach. We will participate in technologically-sound and proven energy projects utilizing fossil fuels or renewable energy sources with coterminous, long-term, defined revenues and inputs with credit-worthy inputs and off-takers.



Capital recapture, development, and acquisition


Renewable Energy

Proven sustainable solutions in waste, conversion, and capture



Transportation, real estate, pipelines, and industrial